3 Hair Styling Mistakes That Could Make Strands Fall Out

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While they say that shedding about a hundred hair strands daily is normal, it still bothers us that sometimes we leave a carpet of hair on the floor wherever we go. If you are experiencing more hair fall than normal, this could be attributed to hair styling mistakes, age, hormones, or stress, among others.


Varying hairstyles are in place to highlight fashion statements but achieving these beauty looks may have negative consequences on the hair. According to Larry Sims, hairstylist for celebrities, it’s not exactly the hairstyle that is problematic. Rather, it is how the look is executed that can damage your hair.



3 Hair Styling Mistakes


1. Using heat styling tools regularly.

Peter Butler, hairstylist to celebrities Claire Danes and Emma Stone, shares that using flat irons, curling irons, hot combs, and blow dryers to style your hair can cause the hair to break.


“Repeated use of heat-styling tools over time can destabilize the structure of hair, causing it to weaken and slip and eventually break off.” (Peter Butler)


So, if you’re using these tools regularly, you need to apply some protection on your hair to make it stronger and more resistant to heat damage. Hair treatment products that contain keratin are highly recommended. Also, a day or two of letting your natural hair down can give it a healthy break from the damaging heat.


2. Blow drying wet hair.

In addition to the damage caused by blow dryers and heat styling tools on the hair, blow drying wet hair is among the most common hair styling mistakes that we do.


“Hair just isn’t that strong, especially if it’s highlighted and/or color-treated. Trying to blow dry very wet hair with a brush is a form of hair torture, since your hair is only so elastic. If it is pulled and pulled with any kind of brush from wet to dry, you have the strongest chance of snapping the hair from heat and exertion.” (Peter Butler)


In order to prevent breakage, simply make sure that excess water is removed from your hair before styling. Butler suggests towel drying your hair first and then hand drying to remove the most moisture. Doing so will free up the hair’s natural texture, making it easier to blow dry in sections.


3. Using tight elastics and rubber bands.

Using the wrong type of hair ties to keep the ponytails up can also lead to breakage.


“Using tight elastics that aren’t cloth covered or rubber bands to tie up your ponytail and then pulling them out will definitely tear out hair. Repeat this and you get more breakage.” (Peter Butler)


Instead, use fabric-covered hair ties or snag- free elastics that easily slide off the hair are highly recommended.


You can ask your hairstylists about other hair styling mistakes that we need to know so we can prevent excessive hair fall.

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