4 Tips to Make Healthy Sandwiches Better and Tastier

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Sandwiches have become go-to lunch options for many of us. Affordable healthy sandwiches packed with much-needed nutrients are also easy to prepare, which is beneficial for busy bodies. On top of these, eating healthy can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


If you want to maximize these benefits, check out these tips to optimize healthy sandwiches:


1. Substitute regular bread with:



A piece of whole wheat bread contains about 80 calories. On the other hand, a 2 to 4 inch whole wheat pita only contains approximately 70 calories. While that’s not much of a difference, eating fewer calories can have its benefits.


Instead of using two slices of regular bread, use a single whole wheat or multigrain tortilla. Although, you have to check and ensure that the tortilla you’re using actually contains lower than 80 calories.


Opt for a healthy lettuce leaf wrap. According to Dianna Sinni, R.D., L.D., replacing the bread with the lettuce will reduce the calorie count by 120 to 200 calories.


2. Add an egg.

Top your sandwich with a hard-boiled or fried egg. The egg adds 6 grams of extra protein and some healthy fats to the sandwich. This delicious addition will make your meal more satisfying and keep you feeling full and satiated until your next meal.


3. Skip adding these to your sandwich:


Deli Meats

While they may be easy to acquire and store, these protein sources often have high sodium content. Instead, use chicken breasts or filleted salmon and tuna. You can also opt for canned chicken or fish with no added sodium.


These condiments can pack a lot of sugar. Instead of relying on condiments for moisture and flavor, use cured or pickled ingredients. Recommendations include caramelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, or capers.


4. Add more vegetables.

Your sandwich can be as healthy as any salad. Add in low calorie vegetables for some crunch and moisture. Alfalfa sprouts and red peppers are suggested but you can always be creative.


You can mix and match ingredients until you find your favorite kinds of healthy sandwiches. On top of making your diet tastier, this also increases your chances of sticking to a diet and reaching those weight loss goals.

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