6 Secrets to Dressing Slim Revealed

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Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought you could probably use the help of a stylist? Or probably wished for a whole closet of figure-enhancing clothes? Allow us to help you with these tips and slim-dressing secrets that even celebrities use to cover up some flabs or highlight their assets.

1. Invest in quality shape wear. Not only does it smoothen the appearance of your shape, but it also makes you more aware and conscious of your posture, thus improving it and making you look taller in the process. You can get a tailor-fitted, high-waist shaping shorts and this can already address the issues involving your stomach, hips, and thighs.

2. Wear an empire-waist or A-line dress. These are flattering styles and you can wear a wide belt (around four inches) to cover the tummy area. Look for corset-like belts and choose those in a dark colors.

3. A great-fitting black dress is a must have. Everyone should have that at least one go-to black dress for when you’ve suddenly gained a few pounds and you’re not prepared to show them to the world yet.  Choose a classic style with a short sleeve, fitted at the waist area, and slightly above the knees. Styling experts remind us that when we feel that we’ve added extra pounds, never wear anything baggy as that will only make us look heavier.

4. Wear the right accessories because they can really make a difference. For example, if you want to appear taller and slimmer, you can put on a large necklace. This accessory will move the attention towards your neck and face, and will distract the viewer from focusing on your torso or lower body figure flaws. If you are blessed with a big bust, a short chain necklace is recommended.

5. Dressing up in one color can make you look taller. If you are dressed in a single color from head to toe, you create an appearance of a long, thin line. Opt for white or tan outfits.

6. Wear heels or wedges. If you want to appear taller and leaner, ditch the flats and go for heels. Choose a color that is close to your skin tone so that your shoes appear to lengthen your legs. Choose footwear without ankle straps because they cut off the illusion of length. For the same reason, don’t wear boots, especially with skirts, as they appear to cut off the legs making you look shorter.

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