7 Unconventional International Vacations for the Adventurous Traveller

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TIME has created a ranking of 7 unconventional international vacations that may not be on your lists yet but are sure worth trying out. According to the article on MONEY, the division “scoured its Best in Travel database to identify seven cities that may not be at the top of tourists’ lists yet but are packed with incredible things to do, delicious flavors to try, and unique places to stay.”


7 Unconventional International Vacations


1. Oaxaca, Mexico

The cost of a week for two at Oaxaca in South America sums up to $1,948. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, Oaxaca boasts of beautiful ruins, colonial charm, markets bustling with handmade crafts, and superb food. Your itinerary can include a visit to the World Heritage Site of Monte Albán, which was an ancient capital of the Zapotec civilization and the central square, Zócalo. You can also watch marimba ensembles or brass bands play at the many sidewalk cafes.



2. Xi’an, China

A week for two at Xi’an costs $2,828. The ancient and well-preserved city’s top attraction is undoubtedly the Terra Cotta Army. The museum j walks visitors through the history of 8,000 statues and the 1974 excavation that unearthed these treasures. The city’s ancient city 40 feet walls are the best preserved in China.


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3. Hoi An, Vietnam

The total cost of a week for two in the UNESCO World Heritage Site is $2,684. The coastal town, situated on the Eastern Vietnam Sea, has roots that can be traced back to a 15th-century fishing port. Aside from white sand beaches, Hoi An has many historical sites including the 16th century Japanese Covered Bridge. You can also visit the Cam Thanh Village, where you can meet bamboo craftsmen and share a home-cooked meal with a local family.


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These are just three of 7 unconventional international vacations on TIME’s list. Check out the four remaining cities in Asia and Europe highly recommended for travellers who prefer to go off the beaten path in our next entry.

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