Actually She Can

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Celebrities raising awareness over their chosen advocacies are fast becoming a trend in Instagram, and this includes the Actually She Can campaign. Have you noticed posts containing the #ActuallySheCan hashtag lately?



The campaign is sponsored by Allergan, a leading pharmaceutical company. It aims to promote discussion among women on health and wellness topics ranging from body image, birth control, diet, fitness, and exercise. You can even ask those questions at their official website,, where you will not only find the answer but also find someone else with similar problems or undergoing the same experiences.



Celebrities have been picking up the signature tank tops for the campaign, including fashion models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn, and American actress and singer Lucy Hale. The tank tops contain cute slogans such as “less regret, more sweat” and “less hesitation, more meditation.” The message is simple but powerful, and it reminds us what’s important.



The tanks can be purchased at campaign partner LeMotto’s website. Every purchase gives back to Academy Women, which is a women’s military non-profit.

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