Age Out Loud Celebration Calls for Oral Health Awareness

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The issue of oral health is one that defies age. So, whether we’re young adults or aging individuals, we need to make dental care an important facet of our lives. In celebration of Older Americans Month 2017, the theme Age Out Loud highlights the links of oral health and overall health.


The nationwide celebration of Americans aged 65 years and older is observed every May. This year’s theme encourages seniors to speak up about trends and issues that affect their lives, specifically the need for accessible, affordable dental care.



Below is an excerpt from the press release of in relation to the Age Out Loud celebration, which points out how oral health affects overall health:


“Oral health symptoms are associated with 90% of all systemic diseases, according to the Academy of General Dentistry. Studies have shown poor oral health has been linked to serious conditions, increasing the risk of heart disease by as much as 180% and stroke by 300%.


For many seniors, fitness and health, like oral health, have become increasingly important. Most oral health issues associated with aging, such as decay, tooth loss and gum disease, can likely be prevented with consistent dental care and an at-home hygiene routine addressing the needs of older adults, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.


But without the guidance of a dentist, people may not know how to effectively combat concerns such as dry mouth, which can cause accelerated tooth decay, gum disease, oral sores and pain, and bad breath. This is often caused by common medications, like aspirin. If the medication dosage cannot be adjusted, dry mouth symptoms can be managed with help from a dental professional.”


As medical research continues to find links between oral health and overall health and noting all these dental issues highlighted in the Age Out Loud campaign, we hope we are all doing our best to keep our teeth, gums, and entire mouth as healthy as possible.

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