All the Buzz about Brie Larson’s Turkey Tail Mushroom Nails

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Brie Larson made some social media buzz when she recently posted her choice of nail polish on Instagram. Crediting nail artist Michelle Won, Larson shared a photo of her unique Turkey Tail mushroom nails.


Won (@califreenails) is a traveling nail artist, who gets to work with models and celebrities like Larson to showcase her skill in Japanese gel and nail art.


Check out Larson’s Turkey Tail Mushroom Nails


Turkey Tail mushroom nails!!!!!! @califreenails you are so magical!

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What are Turkey Tail Mushrooms?

Larson based her design off of the eponymously named fungi, the Turkey Tail mushroom, which is known for its immune-boosting properties and healing properties. Often called turkey tail fungus, it is named after colorful plume of turkey feathers. These mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicinal teas for thousands of years and it continues to have multiple health benefits.


In fact, banking on the claim that this fungus can help cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy, clinical trials are being conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) involving a turkey tail extract for patients with advanced prostate cancer and undergoing conventional chemotherapy. Tests on how well the fungi helps women with breast cancer in combination with a vaccine treatment are also underway in order to find a better form of cancer therapy.


This little rainbow fungi may help heal infections, such as the human papillomavirus (HPV) and Kaposi’s sarcoma (in conjunction with other wild medicinal mushrooms from East Africa).



Other Mushroom-Inspired Nail Arts

After Larson posted her nail design, a quick search would reveal that there are already a number of mushroom-inspired nail arts albeit not related to the turkey tail variety.


This whimsical mushroom design by @RuthsNailArt are beautiful.



The intricate details to this freehand nail art are impressive.



This mani collab between @kelseyraes_kreations and @ethereal_nail_designs are gorgeous.


Hey beauties! Here's a closer look of the mani collab that my friend @ethereal_nail_designs and I nailed! 😍💖☮️ words can't even begin to explain how in love I am with this mani! Ahhhh it's so satisfying and perfect 😍💖☮️💜 the products I used to comeplete this look, were "Slick Like That" by @pop_polish_ , "Under The Mushroom Caps" by @space_time_travels , "Out The Door" by @inmnails , and a stamping plate, polish, scraper and stamper all from @bundlemonster 💖 Love love la-love love love!! 😍💖💜☮️✨ #nails #nailpolish #nailpolishaddict #nailpolishjunkie #nailpolishlover #nailpolishhoarder #nailstagram #mani #manioftheday #manicollab #nailcollab #magicalnails #psychedelic #poppolish #multichromemadness #multichromepolish #holo #hologlitter #holographic #mushroomnails #masterthestamp #friendnails #kelseyraeskreations #nailedit #nails2inspire #nails2017 #nailart #nailartdesigns #underthemushroomcaps #slicklikethat

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Indeed one’s chosen nail designs, such as Larson’s Turkey Tail mushroom nails, can be more than just a beauty mark but it can also be eye-opening and making a statement. We’re waiting for Larson to share her reason for choosing this buzz-worthy nail art.

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