Am I a Happy Cloud? Giving the Bubble Mask a Try

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We’re about to cap another productive year and so we’re treating ourselves to skin care products that have become all the rave this 2017. First on our list is the bubble mask! The skin care hullabaloo that started with pictures of beauty enthusiasts describing themselves as clouds! Indeed, we have never been so intrigued!



So, we went bubble mask shopping and tested some of those available in the market. We followed the instructions on the label and spent 10 amusing minutes allowing the creamy clay mask to foam and fill our face with deep cleansing bubbles.


Experience explosion on your face 💣 Bub-bubb-bubble mask 😍 @biovenelietuva

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Gains from the Bubble Mask Experience

And here’s what we learned about this amazing mask that foams and fizzes as it does its cleaning!

1. Activated Bamboo Charcoal

A good quality bubble mask can be everything you need to hydrate and cleanse your face of the toxins it has acquired over the week. A look into the ingredients would reveal that this very clean feeling can be due to the activated bamboo charcoal, which we already know is efficient in detoxifying and re-energizing the skin. This is why manufacturers and skin care enthusiasts love using the ingredient in beauty and skin care products that target acne and blackheads.

2. Natural Extracts

Another good thing about high quality bubble masks is that even if you spend more for it than the regular brands, you also get more than you usually get. So on top of cleaner skin, using bubble masks that contain natural extracts will help revitalize your skin and prevent your skin from drying out due to the detoxification and exfoliation. These also help improve skin clarity and skin tone. Skin elasticity and firmness are also beautiful after effects of these ingredients, so you really end up appreciating all the cleansing done on your face rather than regretting the experience.

3. Bubbles

But what makes this regimen super fun is the bubbles! When you apply the product on your face, you will feel like a cloud as the bubbles foam and fizz. The bubbles are created by the oxygen, specifically included in the formulation. The multitude of bubbles exfoliates the skin and massages it in the process. It also penetrates deeper into the skin, allowing the formula to thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities and get rid of deep-seated dirt. This results in the super fresh and clean feeling when you are done with the bubble mask.


Somehow I feel all Christmasy when looking at this picture 🎅 @biovenelietuva

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So, here’s our verdict about all the fuss the fizz has created: it’s definitely a YES! But only if you go for the top quality products, so make sure you don’t scrimp on skin care!


Now that we’ve given the Bubble Mask a try, next on our list of must-try products are the black mask and the luxurious golden eye.

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