Artist Shares Couple Moments in Collection of Drawings on Instagram

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An England-based illustrator began documenting his moments with his long-time girlfriend and their daughter using his art and his social media account. Pete Duffield shares a collection of drawings on Instagram showing the special moments he shares with Kellie Gage and their daughter named Poppy.


Kellie and Pete Drawings on Instagram

The Instagram account of Kellie and Pete (@kellie_and_pete) showcases the collection of drawings by Duffield. He states that he’s been drawing moments from their relationship ever since he and Kellie and started dating 5 years ago.


Duffield tells HuffPost that he tries to find the right balance of PG-13 humor and “sweet, soppy stuff” in his comics. He adds,


“I started keeping a list of ideas on my phone whenever something funny happened. The collection of drawings gradually grew and it was fun to document silly things we’d say or do.” (Pete Duffield)


Duffield’s illustrations have attracted a massive Instagram following of 65.4k followers (and counting). These works of art are all based on real things that the couple says and does together. Now, the drawings include their moments with their daughter.


“I still make the illustrations for Kellie  ― and Poppy now, for when she is older and can look back on them.” (Pete Duffield)


Check out these adorable posts from the Kellie and Pete collection of drawings on Instagram:


A colored version of the sketch made by Duffield of the happy couple with their newborn



And what better way to announce their pregnancy, too.



And the drawing on the note informing their friends and family that they have moved to a new address together



Their first Valentine’s Day together was commemorated with no less than a lovely sketch of the couple with sweet messages to each other.



And their first anniversary, too



And this is probably the sweetest declaration of love that a wife can get from her husband



Now, update those relationship goals with finding a guy who will dedicate his heart (and art) to you. Find yourself your own version of Pete Duffield and his collection of drawings on Instagram.

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