Bella Thorne is the Face of Thank You Haters Campaign

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The fitness fashion brand, SIX:02, has chosen Bella Thorne to be the face of its Thank You Haters campaign. The decision makes a lot of sense considering how the 19-year-old actress among the celebrities who are very vocal about being unapologetic about yourself and standing up for one’s self.



The Thank You Haters Campaign

SIX:02 released a line of tank tops, t-shirts, and hats, which are inspired by the idea of thanking the negative people in your life for motivating you to be unapologetically yourself.


“It’s so rare that you have a brand saying it’s good to be unapologetic. Don’t apologize for who you are. Don’t apologize just because you’re a woman and you’re not allowed to say something of that sort.


When [SIX:02] came to me — it’s just so rare that you come across a brand that doesn’t want to change you. They don’t tell you, “You can and can’t do this,” or they don’t want to dumb down your crazy, out there image. They were literally just like, “This brand works for you because we’re doing the same exact thing you want. We’re trying to do the same thing here.” (Bella Thorne)


@BellaThorne telling it how it is. Link in bio for full video #ItsYourTime #ThankYouHaters

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The brand will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the #ThankYouHaters merchandise to Step Up, which is a nonprofit organization that helps fund young women from under-resourced communities get to college and be able to explore careers.


We'd thank the baker too @BellaThorne… #ItsYourTime #ThankYouHaters

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Bella Thorne shares with HelloGiggles the motivation behind the campaign:

“I’m only going to better myself. My motivation is to be the next better, healthier, stronger me. I feel like that is the best motivation because you don’t need to prove anybody wrong. If you are [trying to prove people wrong], then again, you’re caring about what people say. You’re letting it affect you, and you’re bringing it into your life — you’re bringing that negativity into other people’s lives.

So, the campaign says, “Yes, thank you haters” in a way that we’re putting a funny, positive spin on something bad.

We’re kind of making a joke of it to say, “It’s okay. Here I am, and I see your shit, and I don’t care.”

Really, what we’re trying to get at is just being unapologetic. Just being okay with who you are and not saying, “Hey I’m sorry.” Being like, “Yeah, that’s me. What’s up?”



Looks like the Thank You Haters campaign is another good cause we can go shopping for. If you’re all about ending negativity, you can buy your own statement tees here.


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