Brows on Fleek Every Day with Glue-On Eyebrow Wigs

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Eye brows on fleek have taken on a new level of importance this 2017. So if you want to sport fuller brows like Cara Delevingne but have no funds for microblading or full-on arch transplants, then worry no more. Glue-on eyebrow wigs are the key to making those brow goals a reality.


What are Glue-on Eyebrow Wigs?

The glue-on wigs aren’t actually new beauty developments as they’ve been used by cancer and alopecia patients to fake full arches for some time already. An arched hair piece can be glued to your brow bone and instantly create a fuller eye brow look.


Makeup artist for celebrities, Hung Vanngo, has created a buzz by posting a video on his Instagram account of a woman having a brow wig applied to her sparse brow area, captioning the post with the hashtag #sold.


#sold 😂

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How to Apply a Brow Wig

Here are the simple steps to follow to apply a brow wig:

  1. Start with a clean face. Use a white pencil to mark the start and end of the brow.
  2. Lay the wig down with a ruler that marks how long you want the wig to be. Compare the length you want for your brow to the length of the wig. Trimming the wig from the tail end is highly recommended.
  3. Place the wig with its netting side up and then apply adhesive or glue lightly on the netting side of the wig.
  4. Line your wig up with the marked lines of the brow bone, pressing firmly until the adhesive is set. This usually takes about a minute.
  5. Groom your wig to match your face by carefully trimming stray hairs and ends if necessary. You can use gel to keep the brow hairs in place and a brow bone highlighter if you want to bring out your eyes.
  6. Clean off the marks created with a white pencil by applying pressure with a cotton swab.


These wigs should last approximately two to three months with daily wear. But, avoid getting the wig wet so do not wear them in the shower or when swimming. Applying brushing powder on top of the wig will help ensure a more natural look and finish.


These applications are easy to remove, too. Just gently peel using tweezers or your fingers starting from the base moving towards the tail and then clean the pieces using a wig adhesive remover.


While there are those who criticize the use of these glue-on eyebrow wigs, we actually find these pieces helpful for people who suffer hair loss, especially those who have sparse hair due to cancer treatments or illnesses like alopecia. If you feel beautiful with these appliques on, then go ahead. Do it for you!

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