Check out Why Cannes Is Famous, Film Festival Aside

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With the upcoming 70th Cannes Festival, there’s no doubt that travel plans are being made to visit the glitzy resort town on the French Riviera. Indeed, Cannes is famous for its international film festival, but there’s a lot more to Europe’s social hub and playground for celebrities that you’d love too, even if you’re travelling on a budget.


4 Reasons Why Cannes is Famous


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1. La Croisette

An attraction that can’t be missed La Croisette, which is the center of tourist activity. The palm tree-lined boulevard beside the town’s gorgeous beaches is known for its luxury hotels and boutique shops.

If you walk all the way down La Croisette, you will reach the Palais des Festivals and the Les Allées des Étoiles (Walk of Stars). If you’re a fan of celebrities, this is an attraction you shouldn’t miss.



2. Iles de Lerins

The Iles de Lerins refer to two islands just off the coast of Cannes. The smaller island is called St. Honorat. It has a fortified monastery and a castle, albeit a damaged one. The monks sell various food products and wine such as the Lerina liqueur. The monks also organize wine tastings for visitors and if you’re interested in experiencing the life of the monks, you can stay at a hostel in the abbey.

The larger island is called Saint Marguerite, and it also has a castle, some shops, bars, and restaurants. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and serene coves.


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3. Le Suquet (The Old Town)

The Old Town, which used to be the original fishing village of Cannes, is located on the mountainside of Mont Chevalier. The picturesque neighbourhood also offers breath-taking views of the Mediterranean. You can see all the way out to Iles de Lerins if you climb the Tour Du Mont watchtower.

The Old Town has narrow alleyways and staircases, courtyards, and ancient walls. Its streets are lined with fashion boutiques and shops as well as flea markets. Food and flower vendors are also commonplace at The Old Town.


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4. Notre-Dame d’Esperance

The Provençal Gothic church is situated on top of Le Suquet hill. The structure dates back to the 14th and 15th century. It houses a collection of 19th century paintings, which includes a George Roux fresco that portrays the baptism of Christ.


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These are just some of the reasons why Cannes is famous, notwithstanding the international film festival. But more than enough reasons to pack your bags and head for the French Riviera, right?

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