Create 1980s Glam Makeup Inspired by Ruth on GLOW

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If you’ve already seen GLOW on Netflix, you’ve probably found inspiration in the badass ladies of the show. In this line, you might also be inspired to recreate their 1980s glam makeup. Specifically, the gorgeous look of Alison Brie as Ruth.


ONE WEEK until these GORGEOUS LADIES rock your world!!! GLOW*NETFLIX*JUNE 23

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1980s Glam Makeup on GLOW

Aside from GLOW being an amazing show with an incredible cast, they also show enviable looks. These glam makeup creations include sky-high hair, dramatic eye makeup, and lots of glittery lips that truly made the cast glow.


This ain't no beauty contest. This is WOMEN'S WRESTLING. GLOW. JUNE 23. @glownetflix @netflix

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While the character of Ruth on GLOW was not initially intended to be attractive, the 34-year-old actress is effortlessly making her look good. Ruth is described as a desperate and semi-broken actress who finds a much-needed career and emotional boost in wrestling.


Ruth differs from several of Brie’s past roles, which includes the doe-eyed and optimistic Annie on Community. But, according to the actress, the character stands out from the roles more commonly available to women.


“She’s got gumption, man. She’s got a little fire lit underneath her. She’s got a fire up in her butthole. And that’s the kinda woman I like to play. She’s not that sort of spunky protagonist that we’re used to seeing.” (Alison Brie)



At the end of the pilot episode, we are treated to some serious glam as Ruth wrestles with Debbie, her (spoiler alert!) best friend turned enemy. Ruth sparkles with glitter blue eye makeup and lips, which are perfect for the ‘80s and tonight’s glam look.


If looks could kill. #GLOW

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Here’s how to create Ruth’s look according to HelloGiggles:


1. Apply a glittery topcoat on your lips.

After placing balm to protect your lips, apply a sparkly topcoat such as Urban Decay’s Vice Special Effects Long-Lasting Water Resistant Lip Topcoat. Choose the shade dubbed Ritual, which is a smoky blue-gray with iridescent 3-D sparkle for those fantastic blue glitter lips.



2. Wear a matte foundation.

Noting the intensity of wrestling, a trusty foundation is necessary. The Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Tattoo Foundation is recommended



3. Go monochromatic with your eye makeup.

Use ColourPop Super Shock Shadows in Fringe as a base and under your eyebrow for highlight. Layer ColourPop Super Shock Shadows in Luckfully over the lid to create a smoky blue eye. Then, layer some NYX Glitter Pigments over your eyeshadow base to create the ultimate glitter eye.


Super Shock Shadow goalsss ✨ #repost @bernadetta16 Show us your collection

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Finish the 1980s glam makeup look by teasing your hair as high as you can. And, if you have some shiny spandex in your closet, the Ruth on GLOW look is complete.

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