Don’t Show Too Much Teeth for a Successful Smile

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Researchers from the University of Minnesota have found what makes a successful smile and it means not flashing all of your pearly whites. According to the research, smiles that are wide, with a high angle, and showing a lot of teeth do not create a positive impression.


Stephen Guy, a co-author of the research from the University of Minnesota, shares that the findings could be valuable for clinicians who work to restore facial movement and expression for those who are experiencing facial paralysis.


“A lot of people don’t understand how important their smiles are and how important this aspect of communication we do with each other every day is. When you have different surgical options, how do you choose which one is better? In order to do that, you need to say, ‘Oh, this smile is better or worse than that smile.”



Study Shows What Makes a Successful Smile

Lead author Dr. Nathaniel Helwig shares with Daily Mail that the right amount of teeth should match someone’s smile length and angle. For example, celebrities with large smiles, such as actresses Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz, look much better showing off their teeth.


“The results reveal that no single smile is “perfect” compared to the others. Instead, there exists a window of parameters, or “smile sweet spot”, which creates successful smiles. Individuals with larger smiles should show larger amounts of teeth, and individuals with limited mouth movement should be encouraged to form closed-mouth smiles.”


Furthermore, Guy notes that the research has limitations. This study only models the impact of the mouth on the perception of a smile, while previous work has shown that the eyes are also crucial.


“The context of your whole face can be important and, in general, a larger context of what the conversation is, and your body’s disposition can be important too. Those are important limitations that we should look at in the future, and other researchers as well.”


So, if you want to be sporting the perfect smile, you can start by managing the width and angle of your smile to best suit your face. To understand more about the research, you can read it here.

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