Finally! We’re Joining the Black Peel-Off Mask Hype

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We’re on part three of our “It’s Time to Treat Ourselves” edition, and we’re finally giving the much talked about black peel-off mask a try.


Whether you’re on Instagram or Youtube, we’re sure you’ve seen the posts that people have been sharing when they tried using these black masks. So, we’re pretty excited about this.



Now, going into the black mask challenge, our expectations were set on high, with hopes that we never get to experience the negatives. Of course, the risk was out there considering the number of products that promise but never deliver. Fortunately for us, recommendations from social media networks and our associates spared us from any catastrophe.


This is a face of total relaxation! 💆 💖 @veronka33

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Our Favorite Black Peel-off Mask

We tried a number of black masks as recommended and we found that our favorites were those that were:

  1. easy to apply,
  2. didn’t have an adversely chemical smell,
  3. didn’t hurt when peeled off,
  4. pulled out a lot of dirt or blackheads/whiteheads, and
  5. resulted in our skin feeling clean and soft.


Notably, the products we enjoyed most showed visible difference from before we even tried the mask on to the time we were finished with the treatment. The satisfaction as we peeled off the mask could not be more intense as we felt all toxins, dirt, old skin cells, and those stubborn whiteheads and blackheads. To say that we lavished the refreshed feeling of having unclogged pores would probably be an understatement.


It's never too early to start 😝

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What We Learned

According to product information, the main agent for creating this clean feel is the activated bamboo charcoal that acts like a magnet for toxins and other impurities. Normally, this exfoliation process can dry the skin out but with the addition of natural extracts, the skin is assisted in regaining its natural moisture balance. This is why we end up with soft and supple skin after rinsing off residues of the mask.


Based on this experience, we now understand this beauty hype.  The black peel-off mask is definitely worth trying. But, to ensure that you get a pleasant experience and risk little when you join the trend, make sure that you research recommendations and follow instructions as provided.


These are just commonsense precautions that can help optimize the benefits you get from cosmetics and skin care products. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your skin, whether you’re trying out the bubble masks, the gold collagen eye patches, or the black peel-off mask.

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