Get an At-Home Gel Nail Art Kit for Your Convenience

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If you’re looking for ways to enjoy salon fabulous nail art without actually going to one and spending all those dollars for a manicure, then you’d want to get your hands on the Nail Swag at-home gel nail art kit.

The Nail Swag kit delivers unlimited nail design options by combining more color choices and nail art than anything available in stores today. Each kit is designed by award-winning celebrity nail artist Natalie Minerva, who chooses the themes and contents based on things that inspire her in everyday life as well as fashion and art.



The product is from the nail artist for celebrities, Natalie Minerva who owns and operates the award-winning California-based Nail Swag Design Lab. According to the brand’s website, Nail Swag is introducing a new way to do your nails with salon-quality, easy-to-apply gel and low-effort, maximum impact nail art. Discover how the brush and pot method makes gel application both fun and easy.


Nail Swag At-Home Gel Nail Art Kit

According to the product details, the set contains:

  • six gel colors + base and top gel
  • professional gel brush and clean up brush
  • limited edition nail art supplies (stickers, glitter and foil)
  • manicure prep and removal kit
  • LED lamp to cure gel



Also, according to Nail Swag, the kit exclusively introduces Kotta Gel, which is a highly-pigmented, order-free, formula with a buttery smooth feel. The ‘brush and bot’ method of nail painting was one of Natalie’s biggest discoveries, and is being introduced to her fans all over the country with Nail Swag’s Kotta Gel.

The Kotta Gel formulas are 9-Free, which meanings they do not contain toxic ingredients found in some nail polishes and are known to cause health problems. Kotta Gels are also cruelty-free, having no animal testing performed during formulation.


The first kit release is called Palm Sprung, which theme is inspired by Palm Springs.



This Nail Swag at-home gel nail art kit is a limited release, so make sure you get your hands on one while it lasts here.

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