Have You Tried the Bubble Masks Skin Care Trend on Instagram?

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A growing trend in skin care going around Instagram and other social networks are bubble masks. While these are not new products, fun selfies of men and women enjoying these foaming facials are blowing up the Internet again.


. . #미세먼지 때문에 피부가 괴로운 요즘😢 . . 정화단™으로 모공 속까지 깨끗하게 해준다는 #수려한 #정화버블마스크팩 으로 수분 전 버블 톡톡! ✨ #미세먼지제거 #클렌징 하고 발효 수경삼 히알루론산™ 이 빠르게 흡수되어 수분을 보충해준다는 #효비담 #수분샘크림 바르면 피부도 맑아지구 가볍게 촉촉한 느낌이 여름에 최고!😘 . . 뽀글뽀글 올라오는 미세한 기포의 #산소팩 넘나 신기 #한효주 #버블팩 과 수려한 #수분샘 #수분크림 으로 #여름피부관리 해요! . . #수분크림 #멀티크림 #정화버블 #스킨케어 #화장품스타그램 #Sooryehan #hanhyojoo #bubblemask #뷰티스타그램

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What are bubble masks?

These Korean beauty products, also known as “oxygen masks,” are applied to the skin like a regular mask. But, what makes them more interesting than the traditional ones is that they bubble as they work. Yes, these bubbles have a purpose.


Specifically, these masks are formulated such that they react with the oxygen in the air, which creates the bubbles. In turn, these bubbles help the key ingredients of the mask to penetrate deeper into the skin. These masks contain pore-purging ingredients that help keep your complexion clear. They also contain antioxidants that fight free radicals from damaging your skin and causing it to age. With these antioxidants you can enjoy skin free from fine lines longer.


In addition, these K-beauty masks function similar to a foaming cleanser giving your skin a deep cleanse by removing dirt and oil. It also moisturizes your face in the process, leaving it feeling super-hydrated afterward.


Check out these posts of people trying out bubble masks on Instagram:


Makeup artist Alex Barone’s skin care Sunday involves trying out a hydrating bubble mask.


💆🏻🌸🙌🏻 #SkincareSunday 💆🏻🌸🙌🏻 • • Would you guys want to see more of these quick Instagram videos?! Let me know in the comments, please!💜 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Recently bought a few new @elfcosmetics Skincare products and wanted to try one out on camera for you guys!!! This one is the 💙Hydrating Bubble Mask💙Such a cool concept making it bubble, I've been DYING to try it out! I can definitely say it moisturizes my skin while calming it, in a fun way😝 • • 💸{This product (with many others) will be in my haul video! Didn't forget about it, just waiting for some other things to come in before I film!!👻}💸 • • ✨ALL PRODUCTS USED:✨ ✖️ @garnierusa Miscellaire Cleansing Water (HOLY GRAIL!!) ✖️ @elfcosmetics Hydrating Bubble Mask ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• (Song is from Twin Musicom)

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This husband and wife tandem tried out a carbonated bubble clay mask.



And this post from @xo_modernhippie who tried the mask with her brother.


Bonding with my little brother lol ( he hated every second of this) 😂😂 #brotherandsister #brotherskeeper #bonding #bubblemask

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And check out this mom and her kid having fun with their bubble masks.


We have fun. #bubblemask #marshmello

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Becca (@sagaciouscanis) had the perfect hangover-free Hen party with her best friends.



Instagram user @zainabkhan_beauty recommends the product after enjoying her own experience.



San Francisco Photographer Pete Geniella also tried on the bubble mask, and now feels “beautiful in every single way.”



And here’s James of @ettersfromtheedge giving the trend “everyone is going crazy over” a try.



If you ever decide to give bubble masks a try, share a snap of your adventure on the comments below.

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