How Often Should We Wash Our Hair?

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When talking about hair care, a number of popular questions that we get asked involve shampoo and hair washing. Is there a hard and fast rule on washing our hair? Is it once a day or once a week? How often should we wash our hair?


According to hair experts and stylists, there is no definite rule or absolute number of times that you should wash your hair. In fact, the decision depends on a number of factors, specifically one’s hair type and lifestyle. Even personal preferences can affect the decision-making process.


To upgrade our hair care regimen and guide us on how often we should wash our hair, here are some expert advice.


1. “The less you wash your hair, the less you need to wash your hair!” (Gareth Williams)

Paul Edmonds agrees and shares that the old wives’ tale that the hair self-cleans when it’s not being washed is kind of true, but certain lifestyle choices as well as the environment should also be considered. He notes that those who go to the gym, swim, and live in a polluted environment should consider washing their hair more often. Also, the less you color, style, and use products on your hair, then the less often you need to wash your hair as well.


Edmonds says it is important to find products that effectively remove chemical deposits such as chlorine but advices against products that tend to strip hairs of natural oils.


2. When you wash your hair, make sure you wash it well.

“Make sure you cleanse the hair twice, using a shampoo specific for your hair needs. The first shampoo will remove build up, the second will treat the hair.” (Gareth Williams)


3. Our hair type is a major factor in deciding on how often we wash our hair.

 “Dry hair should be washed a maximum of two times a week using a shampoo with sulphate-free surfactants and high concentration of moisturisers (glycerine, sodium PCA) to help mitigate dehydration. Oily hair should be washed every day with a shampoo that has extra-mild sulphate-free surfactants and no conditioning agents, silicones, oils, or pearlising agents. Normal hair should be washed as often as needed with a formula that has extra-mild sulphate-free surfactants and moderate levels of moisturising ingredients such as glycerine and sodium PCA’.” (Craig Taylor)


And apparently, on top of how often should we wash our hair, we should also ensure that we wash our hair properly. According to hair experts, shampoo should be left on at the roots for about 3 minutes after lightly massaging it so that it can cleanse your hair without irritating your scalp and prevent dandruff.

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