How to Do a Puppy Filter Makeup for Halloween

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Excited for your costume this Halloween? Be inspired from the Snapchat filters that are fast gaining popularity, including the cute puppy filter. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do a puppy filter makeup for Halloween.


Quick Tip: It will help if you take an image of yourself with the Snapchat filter on before you begin placing any makeup on as this will provide an easier baseline for you.


Here’s what you will need for this makeup tutorial:

  • base makeup
  • blush
  • white eyeliner
  • face paint:
    • light brown
    • medium brown
    • deep brown
    • orange-brown
    • white
    • black
    • gray


Here’s what you will do to achieve the puppy filter makeup look:

1. Start by applying your base makeup on.

2. Add a little more blush than you usually do so it will be noticeable behind the snout.

3. Trace an outline of the snout on your nose using a white eyeliner.

4. Fill in your snout with shades of brown face paint. Use the screenshot you have taken for proper shading to create dimension.

5. Use white face paint to highlight the tip of your nose.

6. Apply orange-brown paint on the base and fill it in with the deep brown paint to blend with the highlight.

7. Add black specks to the nostrils.

8. With a gray paint, outline the nose and the entire snout.

9. Dot your face with puppy freckles.


You can order fluffy puppy ears on Amazon to complete the look. Simply paint the inside portion using pink acrylic and use hot glue to attach brown pipe cleaners to give the ears structure so that it better resembles the shape of Snapchat’s puppy filter.

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