How to Do Selena Gomez’s Daytime Smoky Eye

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A recent post on the official Revival Tour’s Instagram account gave us another round of makeup inspiration, and now we all want to learn how to do Selena Gomez’s daytime smoky eye makeup. Plus, the great thing about our favorite celebrity is that she and her makeup artist are kind enough to share the tricks to the magical look.


Celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick demonstrated how to re-create one of Gomez’s favorite looks from her Revival Tour in a video tutorial posted on the pop star’s official Revival Tour’s Instagram account.


The #RevivalTour eye.

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You only need five products for this endeavor. Here are the makeup necessities you’ll need to do the daytime smoky eye by yourself in the comforts of your own home:

  • medium copper eye shadow
  • deep bronze eye shadow
  • medium brown eye shadow
  • black waterproof liquid eye liner
  • false eye lashes



  1. Apply a medium copper eye shadow unto the lid and into the crease of the eye in elongated motion.
  2. Add more definition by applying a slightly darker shade to color the outer sections and the crease.
  3. Use the eyeliner to create a smooth line on the lashes, extending outward and upward at the outer corner. Thicken the line from the middle of the eye to the outer corner.
  4. For a more dramatic effect, add a pair of false lashes.
  5. Using a small brush, apply a medium brown eye shadow underneath the bottom lash line to add more definition.
  6. Finish up the look by filling in the brows and shaping them.


With this tutorial, we bet even beginners will learn how to do Selena Gomez’s daytime smoky eye makeup like pros in no time.

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