How to Look Like a VS Angel

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Because it’s the holiday season and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 is just around the corner, makeup enthusiasts are giving us tutorials on how to look like a VS Angel.


Here’s a tutorial by Jaydevee to help you nail that irresistible VS Angel look, starting with the face and eye makeup.



1. Start with a clean, bare face. Exfoliate your face and lips, then apply a moisturizer and lip balm.

2. Highlight and cover up the dark circles under your eyes and your chin. Blend using your fingers.

3. Apply foundation.

4. Apply concealer wherever you find the need to. Blend.

5. Apply powder.


“It’s a balance between chic Parisian & American glamour.” – lead makeup artist @tompecheux #VSFashionShow

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1. Draw an outline of the brow with a pencil.

2. Fill in the brow, starting from the take to the front section.

3. Brush through with a spoolie.

4. Arch the brows to check for areas you can improve. You can add more product if necessary to soften or harden the overall appearance.

5. Clean up the brows with concealer.



1. Apply an eyeshadow primer and a base shadow similar to your skin tone. Apply the base shadow on the area nearest the brow and all over the eyelid.

2. Apply the Caramel shade from the Amrezy Palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills on the brow bone and blend.

3. On the brow bone, apply an M6 shade from Smashbox Full Exposure Palette and blend.

4. Make a V Shape with an LBD shade. Then, blend upwards and outwards, but not too much on the lid.

5. Add M5 to the lid and very slightly blend into LBD to create a darker base.

6. Apply Topaz from Amrezy on top of M5 and pat it onto the lid.

7. Highlight the brow bone with Vanilla, placing it right above Caramel.

8. Apply NYX Milk into the corner of the eye and half way across the bottom as well as the waterline.

9. Add Legend from Amrezy into the corner of the eye and a little bit onto the lid.

10. On the outer bottom of the eye, blend Caramel slightly into Legend. Be careful so that you do not over-blend and be as soft as possible to create smooth transitions.

11. Apply a thick winged liner.

12. Finish the eye makeup with mascara to both top and bottom lashes.


For the overall finished look, stay tuned for the next part of this how to look like a VS Angel makeup tutorial.

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