If You’re All about Making Positive Statements, You’ll Want These

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Actress and comedian Jessica Williams is celebrating her new Netflix movie, The Incredible Jessica James, with positive statements and outfits that match. Williams is also co-hosting the hit podcast 2 Dope Queens with comedian Phoebe Robinson.



Williams shares with Cosmopolitan some of her guiding thoughts on how she can lend her voice to causes that matter while also using her social media presence to make this voice heard. Plus, her fashion choices lend a hand in sending out the message of positivity across various media.



Here are some positive statements from Jessica Williams:



Be in Control of Your Biggest Weapon

“Your mouth is the biggest weapon that you have. I try to make sure I don’t say anything I’m going to regret later just because I feel an emotion. Acknowledge that emotion, but take an extra moment so you’re not saying things that undercut your argument or will hurt the other person. Make sure you’re in control of your weapon.”


Loving London! I don't condone violence but 🙃!!!!!! #eatcraylove

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Be Proud of What You Are Doing

“With Twitter and Instagram, it’s easy to get wrapped up in someone else’s stuff and feel this false sense of What am I doing? What feels healthy to me is thinking about my childhood self and thinking, Would I be proud of what I’m doing now? If that answer is yes, then I’m doing something right.

 If it’s no, I’ve got to go back to something I learned in yoga class. When I’m trying to do a Downward Dog without accidentally farting, my instructor will tell me to ‘gently correct’ — so I gently correct my path instead of yelling at myself.”



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