Lake Balaton in Central Europe is the Perfect Getaway

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If you’re planning your next escapade, then consider Lake Balaton in Central Europe. Also dubbed as the Hungarian Sea, the 50-mile long lake is the largest lake in the region. Apparently, it is also one of Hungary’s most precious treasures.



Lake Balaton in Central Europe

Lake Balaton is one of the country’s most frequented resorts. It is located in the middle of Transdanubia and is just two hours away from the city of Budapest. The shallow silky green-yellow waters of the southern shores of Lake Balaton are ideal for families with small children as the north shores have deeper waters. Both the waters and the mud from the lake are popular remedies for nervous complaints, anemia, and even nervous fatigue.


There are vineyards in the region that produce excellent wines and tourists can enjoy these with the local food. For easier navigation of the gastronomic choices at Lake Balaton, tourists can download the Balaton Gastro Map. Indeed, tasting as many wines at Lake Balaton as possible should be a priority in your travel itinerary.



Other Lake Balaton Attractions

Apart from the lake resort, other attractions that you can visit while in the area are the towns surrounding Lake Balton. The largest town on the southern side of the lake is Siófok. It is known for being the party town in the area. The oldest settlement of Lake Balaton is Keszthely, which also happens to be the third largest chateau in the country.



Badacsony is an extinct casket-shaped volcano. The twin-towered church of the Tihany peninsula is also worth visiting. And, the Thermal Bath at Hévíz is also a famous tourist attraction for more than two centuries already.


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In the summertime, Lake Balaton sizzles with energy. Among other festivities at the lake, tourists enjoy the Balaton Sound, which is an open-air electronic music festival. When it is not peak season, though, the lake is the perfect destination for those seeking a serene getaway. So, whichever time you wish to escape from city-life, head over to Lake Balaton in Central Europe.

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