Let’s Start a Period Nails Social Media Trend Today

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If you enjoyed the nipple nail art trend or support the Free the Nipple campaign, you might want to recreate Annelies Hofmeyr’s period nails too.



Nail art trends dominating Instagram feeds have ranged from cute and Kawaii to dramatic and bold. Nails that relay statements, from political stances to women empowerment, are also beginning to flourish. Hofmeyr’s period-inspired nail art is one that we’d love to make a buzz about.


Hofmeyr’s Period Nails

Considering that there is still some stigma related to menstruation, Hofmeyr’s period nails aims to change these misconceptions. The Canadian nail artist created tampon-inspired nail art, complete with strings and blood splatters.


Oxblood red polish is applied at the base of the nail and a white polish at the top with a string attached at the tip represents a tampon. This intricately detailed nail art portrays menstruation as both chic and empowering.


I really don't understand why my tampon nails never became a trend 🤷🏼‍♀️

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The Period Project

The incredible artist makes use of multiple mediums to convey her opinions. The Period Project was prompted when Instagram removed an 8-second period-related video that Hofmeyr posted in 2015.


The Period Project has two main goals. First, it aims to “highlight, and provide an alternative to, the socially accepted one-dimensional representation of women’s bodies.” Second, the project volunteers the contents of the artist’s uterus on a monthly basis. The second is, in particular, a “bid to avoid being asked about pregnancy,” which according to the artist, appears to be the only socially-accepted contents of a woman’s uterus.


Tampon Nail Art for #theperiodproject

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In addition to hoping to remove the stigma around menstruation, The Period Project aims to normalize the phenomena as it is a 100% normal and essential part of the female experience.


If women were to spark a social media trend, we’d definitely go for this one. Hofmeyr has received positive reviews for her period nails as well as her other creations (and for good reason too). To follow her work, you can check out her Instagram account (@wit_myt) or read her blog at WIT MYT.

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