The Luxurious Gold Eye Mask is Most Definitely a Must Try

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In our series of giving beauty and skin care products a try, the gold eye mask was the beauty product that we were really looking forward to try. Of course, nothing but gold can keep us on our toes.


A lot of beauty enthusiasts have posted pictures on their social media showing them enjoying a good 24k gold collagen eye mask and who wouldn’t be excited to try these? So we picked our loot of collagen masks and began treating ourselves with much needed pampering.



Benefits Promised and Delivered

Collagen-infused gold eye masks promise a lot of benefits. Some of the more popular and tempting benefits are the product’s anti-aging capacities, which include reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Skin detox is another renowned benefit along with revitalized and repaired skin.


Indeed, our under-eyes were the happiest as these 24k gold collagen eye mask treatments delivered on their promises.


According to the product description on one of the best products that we tried, the under-eye patches contain natural gold! This valuable ingredient is what rejuvenates and tightens the skin. The benefits of using gold, which Cleopatra harnessed during her time, are evidenced by the results of these under eye gold masks that we pampered ourselves with.



Plus, the gold eye mask or patch boosts collagen production, which results in improved moisture retention. Without a doubt, the natural anti-aging properties of gold and the rejuvenating effect of collagen are the perfect combination for tired skin. You will definitely notice that the under eye area where the patch was placed feels smoother, moisturized, and supple. It also results in younger-looking skin with a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.


Our experience with Cleopatra Gold Renewal Eyes was the ultimate luxurious treat! If you want to give this product a try, you can also benefit from another noteworthy ingredient – Allantoin. This ingredient has naturally soothing properties. It is an anti-irritant and skin protectant. It does so by increasing the water content of the skin’s extracellular matrix, which in turn provides structural support to the cells and is an important part of connective tissue. Its benefits include increasing skin smoothness, promoting cell replication, as well as promoting healing.



How to Use the Cleopatra Gold Eye Mask

Because not all products are manufactured in the same manner, the quality of the products as well as the directions for use can vary. For the product we used, the instructions were simple and easy to follow.

  1. Cleanse face thoroughly prior to application.
  2. Remove eye patches from packaging and place on face.
  3. Leave on for at least 30 minutes for best results.


See? Easy as 1, 2, 3. Plus, there is minimal risk for people with sensitive skin as the product is suitable for all skin types. More importantly, the product is alcohol-free and oil-free, so you can use it with ease and without worry.


Also, for fast results, the recommended use is at least once a week. One package contains five pairs of under-eye patches so you can use them for five weeks and be able to observe changes on your skin. You can apply these treatments when you cap the day and you want to indulge in a restful night of pampering.


Indeed, we enjoyed the gold eye mask experience as much as we anticipated. We’re just glad we chose the right products when we went skin care shopping!


Next up, we try the much talked about Black Mask. Stay tuned!

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