More Unconventional International Vacations for the Adventurous Traveller

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To complete TIME MONEY’s list of “cities that may not be at the top of tourists’ lists yet but are packed with incredible things to do, delicious flavors to try, and unique places to stay,” let’s check out four more unconventional international vacations that are worth putting on our travel list.  


In a previous entry we talked about three cities, specifically Oaxaca in Mexico, Xi’an in China, and Hoi An in Vietnam. You can read about these places here.


More Unconventional International Vacations


What is on your travel bucket list in Asia? Angkor Wat is at the top of our list!

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4. Siem Reap, Cambodia

A week-long vacation for two in Siem Reap will only cost $2,445 in total. Cambodia’s cultural capital has a lot of interesting attractions that they recommend to visitors, including:

  • the Angkor National Museum for a preview on the Khmer civilization,
  • Temple of Angkor Wat, which is the biggest and probably the most spectacular site, and
  • Phnom Bok, which is included in the Angkor Archaeological Park tour.


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5. Kraków, Poland

A week for two in one of the oldest cities in Poland will cost you $3,200. After you’ve visited St. Mary’s Basilica and the main square of Old Town, you might be interest in joining tours of the old Jewish quarter of Kazimierz and former concentration camp sites like Auschwitz and Plaszów.


Қорқынышымды жеңіп, су астына, 12 метр тереңдікке түстім! Судың астында бір концерт беріп жүргендей мәзбін, әйтеуір!😜 Айтпақшы, давлением бар екенін осы су астында, басымды қысқанда білдім!😊 Осындай, керемет қызықты экскурсия жасап берген- @nefer_tours алғыс айтамын! 👍 Және Қазақстандағы ең жоғарғы деңгейдегі тур фирма- раxметім шексіз! Баламен жүрген соң жан-жақты ойлап, ақырын жүремін! 😊 Ал, бар ойымызды жүзеге асырып, бәрін дайындап, сапалы ұйымдастырып берді! Сенкію! 😃😘

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6. Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Pricier at $3,306, a week-long vacation for two at Sharm el Sheikh is perfect for travellers looking for beach and water adventures. In fact, the main attractions of the city are underwater. Specifically, you shouldn’t miss a dive at Ras Mohammed National Park’s southern tip, which has been named one of the best dives in the world by Lonely Planet.



7. Sofia, Bulgaria

Rounding up the list is the city of Sofia in Bulgaria. The total cost of a week for two in this beautiful European city is at $2,725. Some places you can include in your itineraries are Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral and the underground museum at St. Sofia Church.



So, with more unconventional international vacations in Asia and Europe to choose from, which city are we heading to first?

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