Shop Sustainable Shoe Labels to Celebrate Earth Day

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While sustainability in fashion may be a relatively new concept, it is a significant endeavour worth supporting. So, before you go shopping for your new outfits, here are some sustainable shoe labels that you might want to look into.


THE HOLIDAY HEEL— for vacation days and special days #madeinLA #sustainablefashion #vegan

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Sustainable Shoe Label: Rafa

Rafa shoes are actually vegan, though they might not look it. The shoes are made of vegan textiles like faux-suede, velvet, and plush tapestry fabrics.



Taghrid Chaaban Zorob, creative director, started Rafa in 2015, in Los Angeles. The brand’s goal is to create “classic silhouettes that were comfortable, beautiful, ethically produced, and made in the USA.”


“I worked in the fashion industry for 10 years and found a real gap in the market for beautiful yet sustainably produced footwear. Shoe production touches so many different parts of our environment that are more damaging than we think.


The actual factories use up tons of energy and output waste into the environment; the leather materials are derived from farms that not only abuse animals, but also require a cocktail of harmful chemicals to tan leather; and then we have to ship these goods, often by sea, which deposits more chemicals in our ocean, to get them to consumers in the U.S. for really low prices.



The industry, as it is currently, encourages damaging our environment and taking advantage of people in parts of the world where the worker has few rights. We are strongly against these practices, and do everything we can to operate in an ethical matter. We are a slow fashion company, and we make special items that are good for people and good for the earth. That often takes a lot longer to deliver than the regular shoe companies out there.” (Taghrid Chaaban Zorob)


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Rafa shoes are available at Assembly, Reformation, and several other retailers as well as online at


Other sustainable shoe labels for your shopping options include Nisolo and Toms x & Other Stories, with the latter collection benefitting Magic Bus. For each pair of shoes you purchase, Toms will donate a new pair of shoes to a child in need and you’ll find them on

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