Simple Makeup Tips to Look Like Audrey Hepburn

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Who doesn’t want to look like Audrey Hepburn? Men take one look into those tantalizing eyes and they’re under her spell. That’s definitely one thing women would like to be able to do.

Check out these simple makeup tips to get that Audrey Hepburn look.


Face – Primer, Base, Concealer, Powder

Audrey Hepburn’s look was fresh, clean, and natural. You can achieve that by using a (1) makeup primer, which will help ensure a flawless makeup base so you can look clean and fresh the whole day. For your (2) makeup base, choose a liquid foundation of the lightest tone that suits your skin. Go for the “no makeup” look. Use a (3) concealer that is the closest shade to your chosen makeup base. Use a crème cake concealer to cover up imperfections and the dark portions under your eyes. Then lightly dust with (4) translucent powder to set both your makeup base and concealer.


Eyes – Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Eye Shadow, Eyelashes, and Mascara

Audrey Hepburn’s look focused on the eyes and it may be quite tasking to work on these sections (but totally worth it).  

“The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” – Audrey Hepburn

For the eyebrows, you need the brow to be a bit thick, with not as much arch – like, it’s almost straight. Use a brow wax for that thicker look. Some products come with a setting powder that you can use to set the wax and fill in the eyebrow. Choose a shade that is darker than your natural eyebrow.

For the eyeliner, using a dark brown liquid eyeliner, draw a thin line on the top lid. Make sure it goes all the way from the inside to the outside corners of the eyes. Emphasize an almond shape by slightly widening the line and angling upwards when you’re at the outside corners. Then, with a dark brown pencil liner, gently smudge under the bottom lashes. Using a white pencil, you can line the inside of your lower eyelid to make your eyes appear larger.

A tender pink eye shadow is best for a daytime look, while a smoky and darker taupe shade is recommended for an evening look. For daytime look, contour the pink shade with a taupe shadow in the creases and corners of the eyelids. For the evening look, expand the shadow subtly beyond the crease, then blending or fading outward.

To achieve lashes as dark and lush as Hepburn’s, you’d probably need some falsies. Focus on the outside corner of the eye when you attach false eyelashes. Then, use a curling mascara to further open up the eyes.


Cheeks – Blush and Highlight

Apply an ample amount of blusher on your cheek and then gently blend in an upward and outward motion to get Hepburn’s rosy cheeks. Using a liquid blusher, draw some small lines on your cheek, then blend using your fingers. Avoid using stick variants or cream blushers when attempting an Audrey Hepburn look. Then, use a highlighter to add that sheen. Place a subtle amount of highlighter on the top of your cheekbone, then blend outward, in a line.  


Lips – Lipstick and Liner

To make one’s lips look fuller, apply the liner slightly outside of your natural lip line. Line the upper lip such that it appears to be wider than the lower lip. Don’t forget to draw a “Cupid’s Bow.” You can color your whole lip with a liner to keep your lipstick in place.

For the lipstick, Hepburn preferred shades that were not very bright and not glossy, too. Choose a matte cream lipstick.



Now that you have all these makeup tips, do you think you can pull off an Audrey Hepburn?

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