Smile of the Week – Bono Deserves Man of the Year Recognition

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Bono holds the honor of being named Glamour’s first-ever Man of the Year. Every year, Glamour honors inspiring women from across industries, from fashion, to politics, entertainment, sports, and activism with the Women of the Year Awards. But, for the first time in 27 years since its inception, the awards board included a man in their list.



Bono is Named Man of the Year

According to Glamour, “these days most women want men—no, need men—in our tribe.” They cite a feminist president, actors endorsing the #HeForShe campaign, and “a major male rock star who could do anything at all with his life decides to focus on the rights of women and girls worldwide.” This rock star that the magazine is referring to is none other than U2’s front man, Bono.


“I’m sure I don’t deserve it. But I’m grateful for this award as a chance to say the battle for gender equality can’t be won unless men lead it along with women. We’re largely responsible for the problem, so we have to be involved in the solutions.”  


Rome, burning in the sun, gigantic hearts… Bono #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

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Humanitarian Activist

But many think otherwise. Among these supporters are previous awardees themselves.


Melinda Gates, philanthropist and Glamour’s Woman of the Year for 2013, notes why the lead singer of U2 is deserving of the recognition. She says,


“He’s one of the most outspoken and effective advocates for women and girls I know . . . As an activist, he’s using those skills to get the world talking about the fact that ending extreme poverty begins with empowering women and girls.”


W is for Women, who carry WAY too much water #W4Water – Bono by Anton Corbijn

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Christiane Amanpour, who is a 2005 Woman of the Year honoree, agrees with the decision for its first ever male honoree. Amanpour has enjoyed a “two-decade humanitarian friendship” with the Irish musician, which started in 1996, in Sarajevo. She writes,


“I’m on Glamour’s side: I think Bono is the perfect choice for this first-time honor because, now 56, he’s been trying to do good for as long as he’s been making music.”



On top of 22 Grammys and millions of albums sold, the rock star’s achievements include powerful humanitarian campaigns (Poverty Is Sexist, ONE) that have saved not just men’s lives but women too.


And if anyone is still questioning Glamour’s choice, check out his acceptance speech here. More power to our Smile of the Week honoree, Bono!

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