Summer Hairstyle Tutorial: How to Create Bantu Knots

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When styling one’s hair, braided hairstyles are always a good idea. But what about going beyond your usual braids and trying out the more elaborate ones? If you aren’t psyched to go to a salon to try out the braided look, here’s how you can create Bantu knots by yourself.


Stasha Harris of Magic Fingers Studio shares how to get the elaborate braided styles for natural hair. Take a cue from the Brooklyn-based braid guru and the following steps so you can learn to do the hairstyle yourself.



How to Create Bantu Knots

  1. Part the back of your hair using a skinny, rat-tail comb. You can part it into a heart or into whichever shape you want.
  1. Section your parted hair into two smaller sections by parting it down the middle.
  1. Work your hair into tiny braids that resemble the shape of you want.
  1. When you’ve completed your tiny cornrows, create a slightly bigger braid that connects both sides and outlines the shape you like.
  1. To create Bantu knots, separate your hair into small up to medium-sized sections.
  1. Further separate each of the sections into two parts, and start creating a twist.
  1. Then, wrap the twisted hair around in a circular motion to create a tight coil. Secure this coil with an elastic and a small bobby pin for an even tighter hold.
  1. Repeat this step on all sections of your hair.
  1. Cap the look by applying a shine gel onto your hair using a rat-tail comb.



You can add another element to the hairstyle by adding beads to your knots. Just hold the tip of the braid and, using a beader, insert beads onto your hair.



Level-up your braided hair game with these Bantu knots for summer. With minimal need for upkeep, you can spend more time enjoying the season than worrying over your locks.

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