Thankful for these Easy Nail Care Tips from Grandma

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Before the rise of nail salons, hair spas, and other beauty boutiques, our grandmothers already had their trusted ways of beautifying themselves and caring for their skin. There are many things we can learn from our grandmothers and these easy nail care tips from grandma are just some of our inheritance.


Easy Nail Care Tips from Grandma


1. Avocados

Besides making for a delicious guacamole, avocados are helpful at keeping your nails strong and tough. Apply mashed avocados on your nails to smooth out the cuticles. In fact, every single nutrient in avocados helps your nail health, and the healthy fats help your body absorb these nutrients faster and more efficiently.


2. Garlic

Garlic appears to be a favorite solution for everything according to our grandmothers. Rubbing garlic on your fingernails can make them grow faster. Also, putting garlic inside a bottle of your clear nail polish will make your nails stronger. Make sure you allow the nail polish to absorb the garlic first before using the polish.


3. Olive oil

Rubbing olive oils on your nails is beneficial for your nail beds. And, you can create a mask using olive oil, aloe vera, and honey. This mixture can help smoothen and strengthen your nails. Dip your nails in the mixture, allow the mask to work its magic, and you can help keep your nails from breaking.

You can also mix olive oil with sugar and lemon juice to keep your nails hydrated. This exfoliating and hydrating tip involves placing some sugar onto your hands and then adding a bit of olive oil and lemon juice. Then, rub the mixture on your hands like you would apply lotion. After rinsing the mixture off, make sure you apply a hydrating lotion. This quick routine will give you soft hands and healthier cuticles.


Our grandmothers definitely knew how to maximize the use of the items of their pantry. And these easy nail care tips from grandma are just a few of the gems that prove how amazing our abuelas are.

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