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On top of style and comfort, fashion should also be about functionality. And, what better way to pick your next underwear than to have one that works for periods while advocating for empowered women as well? Thanks to THINX period underwear, we can now enjoy these perks while also raising awareness.


THINX is a feminist company that creates leak-proof, sustainable underwear for people with periods.


“THINX is in the business of changing culture and behavior, and I think it all goes hand in hand. If we’re able to be among storytellers who believe in the power of story and behavioral change, I think it can be amplified globally in a much more powerful way.” (Miki Agrawal, THINX CEO)


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Agrawal, who is also the co-founder of THINX, wants to empower young girls all over the globe by eliminating at least one of our concerns. She highlights that girls need not worry about whether their skirts are too short or if their periods will unexpectedly show up and embarrass them. She recommends redirecting all these worries, energy, and time on becoming who they want to be.


“Be unapologetic about yourself, let your own freak flag fly. Don’t let society to tell you to put your skirt down and be, like, super proper all the time. Climb some trees, fuck up your knees, make mistakes, make out with boys or girls, just do you authentically.”



Agrawal, who is one of this generation’s top influencers, advocates for women supporting women, raising your voices, joining together, and demanding respect we deserve.


“Ladies, don’t be afraid to stand up and say you don’t like the way you’re treated, either by your boyfriend, or your partner, or the world. You should only choose partners who lift you up and make you feel like a better version of yourself. If they make you feel sad or uncomfortable, they’re not getting anything from you.”



So, the next time you go underwear shopping, you know what you’re getting. Thanks to THINX period underwear, we’re one less worry down.


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