The After Party Skin Care Set You Need this Summer

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Frank Body’s After Party skin care collection is what you need to keep your skin glowing and hydrate this summer. The collection makes sure that your skin always looking flawless throughout the summer, no matter how many parties you spend days and nights in.



The After Party Skin Care Set

What’s in Frank Body’s After Party collection? The kit contains a mask, a scrub, a cleanser, and a moisturizer. Basically, it comes with everything you could possibly need— the Sweet Cheeks Kit and the Glow Mask.



The Sweet Cheeks Kit

According to Frank Body’s website, the US$49.95 kit keeps your skin healthy and protects it from breakouts. The principle behind the product is offering soft, dewy and satisfied cheeks in just three simple steps.


Inside the Sweet Cheeks Kit, consumers will find the Creamy Face Cleanser, Creamy Face Scrub, and the Everyday Face Moisturizer. The products create a complete skin care routine all in a convenient, perfectly packaged kit.

  • Creamy Face Cleanser

“Fresh skin starts with me. I’m made from charcoal to take off dirt & makeup without stripping your skin. So you’ll feel clean – not tight – unlike those freshly-washed jeans.”

  • Creamy Face Scrub

“I swoop in 2-3 times per week when dead skin cells have taken up residence. I buff them away, with my fine espresso grind, to reveal fresh, peachy cheeks.”

  • Everyday Face Moisturiser

“I seal the (moisturisation) deal. Pop me on at the end for dewy, hydrated skin. I’m great on my own or as a primer for makeup. Not that you need any, babe.”


When you need to pretend you've slept: have a 5 minute quickie with my caffeinated Glow Mask.

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The Glow Mask

Frank Body’s website shares that the US$21.95 glow mask is that it is able to restores anti-oxidants in the skin in just five minutes. The product contains Arabica coffee seed oil, Shea and cocoa butters, Goji berry extract, and cranberry and raspberry seed oils, among others.


“A quick, morning mask for when you wake up with puffy, pillow face. Pop me on for 5 minutes of intense moisture that really satisfies. Glow on, I dare you.”


According to Allure, “the Frank Body glow mask will give you gorgeous AF skin.” So if you want to go shopping for Frank Body’s After Party skin care collection, simply head over to their website here.

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