This 10-Minute Cardio is the Perfect Travel Workout

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While most of the time we are diligent with our fitness routines, travelling may get in the way. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a gym or an ample working space to exercise or sweat out. Fortunately, a 10-minute cardio was created for SELF and it’s the perfect travel workout.


Lauren Williams, an instructor at Project by Equinox and a Nike trainer, understands the challenge and has drafted a quick workout routine that can be done literally anywhere. The routine needs minimal space and works on any floor. You might want to lay down a yoga mat though if you’re working with a rock-hard surface.


“This is the perfect little travel workout because you don’t need a lot of space. You can definitely do it in your hotel room or in the gym there, or outside if you have space.” (Lauren Williams)



Here’s the breakdown of the perfect travel workout:

Perform these moves for 60 seconds each and go through the entire sequence on one side of your body first. For the fifth move (animal flow side kick through), alternate sides. Then, repeat the entire sequence on the other side.


1. Single Leg Reach and Jump

Williams says that it’s your standing leg that does all the work here, so you’ll feel it in your right side glutes, thighs, and calves for the first round, and then all on your left side when you switch.


2. Jump Lunges

“As you start getting that burn, you want to slow down. Your body will want to slow down and you’re going to not want to go as low in the lunge.”

Keep both the form and the tempo and you’ll really work your quads.


3. Single Leg Walkout to Push-Up

According to Williams, you’ll work your core and shoulders predominantly but you’ll also feel it in your butt since your left leg is lifted.


4. Side Plank Rotation with a Kick

Williams notes that you might feel the burn in your obliques and shoulders with this move.

“Since it’s a twist where you’ll bring your whole body around, you want to avoid hunching your back. Stay in control as you turn.”


5. Animal Flow Side Kick Through

Williams says you’ll feel this in your core, and also in your quads and you’ll also hit your shoulders and thighs with all the holds and twisting.


You can adjust the difficulties of the moves, making them harder or easier, depending on how you’re feeling each day. Plus, because it’s a quick routine, you can squeeze the perfect travel workout even during your lunch break.

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