Time to Plan a Summer Staycation to Remember

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Can’t travel abroad due to budget constraints? Don’t let that little problem hamper how you enjoy this summer. Instead of wasting away in a jealous fit as your friends go on vacations, why don’t you plan a summer staycation to remember?


There are plenty of ways to enjoy summer without going out of your city. You simply need to be more creative about your itineraries and be open to experiencing these new experiences.


Here are 4 ways to have a summer staycation to remember:


1. Find the nearest body of water.

The best places to be at during the warm summer is by a body of water, whether it’s by a beach, a lake, or a river. You don’t even need to rent a boat or a kayak, you can just hang out at the shore or the banks and enjoy the scenery. You can also take a quick dip or spend a day or two swimming in the waters. You can also bring those inflatable unicorn, donut, swan, and flamingo floaties for more fun times.


2. Check out hotel pools and avail of their day use options.

Some hotels open their swimming pools for day use even if you’re not staying there. Canvas the hotels with pools in your area, get to know their policies for day use, and then schedule when you want to give it a try. To make the experience more interesting, choose hotels that you have not yet been to before, facilities that have a good ambiance, and unique pools. You might also want to look out for whatever additional features they offer, like free cocktails perhaps.


3. Visit a national park nearby.

Search for the national park nearest you and look into what kinds of things you can do up there. Among the probable activities you can do are hiking, biking, wildlife watching, and camping are just some of the ways you can maximize the experience of being in a national park. If you live near the Pacific Crest Trail, you might be interested in taking a “Wild” hike. You can read all about this epic trail here.


4. Visit your city’s local attractions.

Just like when you travel abroad, you can purchase a sightseeing pass and see what your city offers, including tourist attractions and museums.


These are just a few ways that you can do to have a summer staycation to remember, without breaking the bank.

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