Tom Holland Feels Sexiest When Many of Us Aren’t

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When do you usually feel sexy? Some may feel that they are sexiest when they are naked, while others feel such when they are dressed to the nines and made up. For Tom Holland, he feels sexiest after leaving the gym.


16 days. Thank you @craigmcdeanstudio and @interviewmag for mixing it up at little bit.

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When Tom Holland Feels Sexiest

Many of us will disagree with the Spider-Man: Homecoming star as a good number of us will even feel the contrary. It is rare for anyone, even celebrities, to feel sexually attractive while covered in sweat, much more when your hair is matted and clammy. But, Holland feels differently.


Trying something new

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In an interview with People, the 21-year-old Holland revealed a number of interesting facts in the rapid-fire fill in the blank session with editor-in-chief, Jess Cagle. When Cagle asks the actor to finish the statement, “I feel sexiest when,” Holland admits that he feels sexiest after the gym.


Little late night workout

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Although we have to say, he also looks sexy and dapper in a suit! Check these out:


Haven't stopped smiling. #spidermanhomecoming

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What a crazy start to what promises to be an even crazier night!

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Cagle also asked the actor what song always makes him dance, to which the fitness buff answered,


“Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. If that song just came on now, you would see an amazing routine.”


While there was no dancing by Holland shown in the interview, we bet that would have showcased the British actor’s sexy moves.



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Women Feel Sexiest at 34

According to a survey conducted by U.K. retailer House of Fraser, 34 is the age at which British women feel the sexiest. Feeling sexier is attributed to becoming more confident with age and being involved in better relationships. Majority say that their sex drive as well as their confidence in the bedroom has increased.


Also, a significant number of these women define feeling sexy as a concept that has more to do with how you feel about your life than your looks. How about you? Are you like Holland who feels sexiest after gym workouts or do you feel sexiest in red stilettos?

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