Top Attractions in Ireland to Begin Your Irish Adventure With

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In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, we’re looking at top attractions in Ireland. On top of being the home of leprechauns and four-leafed clovers, there are many reasons why Ireland is a destination included on every travel bucket list. The country boasts of contemporary cities bursting with life, historic architectural structures, magnificent castles, and jaw-dropping natural attractions, among others.



Top Attractions in Ireland

1. The City of Dublin

Dublin is Ireland’s biggest city. It is considered the heart of contemporary Ireland and is where visitors go to mingle with the modern Irish. There are so many sights in Dublin that visiting the city may already take up all of your travel days, but these attractions are truly worth visiting.


Some sites you can include in your itinerary are Dublin Castle and the Georgian mansion that houses the Dublin Writers Museum. You can also explore Trinity College, with its academic halls, exhibits, and the Old Library that holds the 804 Book of Kells. You can also visit the centuries old Christchurch Cathedral and cross the River Liffey via the Ha’penny Bridge.


Walking tours of the fight for Irish independence are also great options.



2. Cliffs of Moher

One of the country’s most visited natural attractions is the Cliffs of Moher in western Ireland. Located in County Clare, the cliffs tower more than 200 meters over the Atlantic Ocean. The views of Galway Bay, the Twelve Pins mountain range, and the northern Maum Turk Mountains provide visitors with one of the most spectacular coastal walks they can experience.



3. The Rings of Kerry

The 120-mile Rings of Kerry is Ireland’s most scenic tourist trail. With picturesque landscapes, this is considered one of the loveliest places in Ireland. The highlights of the trail include the rugged Beara Peninsula and the Kerry Way, which is the country’s longest and oldest walking route.


The heart of County Kerry is also home to wild red deer, Ross Castle, and Killarney National park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage biosphere reserve.



When you’ve checked these top attractions in Ireland from your travel to do list, make sure you cap off your Irish adventure with at least one pint of Guinness.


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