Urban Decay’s Ruby Rose Beauty Fail Still Looks Gorgeous

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Ruby Rose is one of those celebrities who manages to look gorgeous even with haircut fails. In a throwback post on Instagram, the actress and model shares a Ruby Rose beauty fail which was the result of an accidental slip by a hairstylist.



Lessons from the Ruby Rose Beauty Fail

The haircut fail shows us that when something does not go as planned and you are suddenly left with an uncomfortable hairstyle, you can still look and feel good if you put your mind to it. By deciding to have the crooked line shaved into a rad triangle so that it appears straighter, the actress and model turned a challenging situation into an in-vogue phenomenon. And it probably helped that she had people who were all supportive, including not talking about this hair accident in the house.


While growing out the shaved hair may have been difficult, the way Ruby Rose made the look work is an impressive feat. Like, how many other people do you think can pull off undercuts or buzz cuts and still look badass? But, we’re definitely looking at the positive lessons from this beauty fail and focusing on how a good-natured mindset can always save the day.


Crazy in love with @rubyrose wearing Vice Lipstick in shade Psycho. #LipstickIsMyVice #UrbanDecay

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Urban Decay’s Most Addictive New Vice

Urban Decay recently revealed that the brand is getting rid of all their current lipsticks. But that’s nothing to cry about as they’re launching new ones and Ruby Rose, who is the brand’s Most Addictive New Vice, is helping. Urban Decay’s new Vice lipstick collection features 100 lipsticks, 74 of which are brand new shades. A brand new lipstick bullet design, including six different finishes, will be launched with the new collection.


@urbandecaycosmetics X Basquiat X RR

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Urban Decay posted awesome campaign video featuring Ruby Rose for Vice on their Instagram. If you’re not much of a risk taker when it comes to wearing varieties of lipstick shades, this video might convince you with its preview of the new shades.


The Ruby Rose beauty fail didn’t keep her from becoming Urban Decay’s muse or landing her roles with John Wick and Xander Cage. So, if you’re going through a rough (hair) patch, don’t let it get the better you. Instead, win the world over with a positive mindset.

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