Want to Know the Secret to Burn More Calories in Zumba?

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The calories burned after a 60-minute Zumba session has been found to be as high, if not higher than, the amount burned during an hour-long run at a 10-minute-mile-pace. But, do you know that you can burn more calories in Zumba? Yes, and all you need to do is have fun!


Here’s how you can boost the intensity of your fitness workout and burn more calories in Zumba:


1. Embrace the choreography.

Wave those arms and make your arm movements as big as you can. Move your legs and arms in large motions. When you move bigger, you burn more calories. These expansive movements provide one of the physical benefits of this type of workout compared to running or cycling, which tend to be more limited and concentrated to forward motions.


2. Commit to the jumps.

Do all of the jumps in every routine, even the high-impact versions. If you have a health condition that prevents you from jumping, keep both your feet on the floor but continue to move with intensity.


3. Go low.

Your Zumba teacher will challenge you to go low, so go low. Take advantage of these squat- and lunge-like strength-training moves to burn those calories.


4. Dance and enjoy the music.

Give yourself over to the music and the choreography. Don’t be self-conscious. Just dance and have fun. The less you are self-conscious, the more you will enjoy dancing and this will translate to you moving in larger motions, which then mean you are burning more calories. Indeed, with the proper mindset, you can get the most benefits physically and emotionally.


Don’t worry. Not everyone who joins a Zumba class enjoys dancing, nor does it mean that they know how to dance. But, who cares? As long as you are having fun getting into shape and you keep moving towards those weight loss goals, then go do it. Because the secret to burn more calories in Zumba is simply to enjoy it, commit to it, and to keep moving.


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