What Can We Learn from Justin Bieber’s Chipped Tooth Emergency?

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Even the most famous celebrities can run into difficult dental problems that we can relate. Take for example Demi Moore who lost her two front teeth. Justin Bieber also had to visit his dentist for a chipped tooth emergency.


Justin Bieber and His Chipped Tooth Emergency

In an Instagram post last June 1, the young music celebrity shared that he chipped his right front tooth. With a series of photos that started with the photo of himself in a dentist chair, Bieber shares his experience with a dental emergency.



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The next photo he posted was a headshot of Jim Carrey’s character in Dumb & Dumber, who has a similarly chipped front tooth.


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The third photo is a close-up of Bieber’s teeth, which he captioned, “Opposite of Jim”.


Opposite of Jim

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Barely a month later, Bieber showcases his choppers and his celebrity smile on his Instagram account. There is no sign of a chipped tooth anywhere.


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Since fans have expressed concerns for Bieber and his health, Refinery 29 talked to Reuben Kim, DDS, PhD, who is an associate professor at the UCLA School of Dentistry to answer some questions.


Does it hurt when we chip a tooth?

According to Dr. Kim,

“A small chip doesn’t really hurt, and for some people, it will go unnoticed. In extreme cases, you can fracture a tooth, which would really hurt, but that’s hard to do. Teeth are strong, so a simple chip on one corner won’t hurt, but a larger chip will make the teeth more sensitive.”


However, according to the American Association of Endodontists, a large crack could expose nerve endings and thus make it very painful to chew or put pressure on the tooth.


Dr. Kim adds,

“For most people, the worst thing to deal with is the feeling of a sharp tooth on your tongue. You might also feel some sensitivity around the chipped tooth when you drink something cold or breathe, but otherwise, it’s not so bad.”


How is a chipped tooth fixed?

As we see with Bieber’s posts, it’s pretty simple to fix a chipped tooth.


Dr. Kim says,

“It takes 30 minutes to an hour to do. Dentists usually use a dental composite, which is a plastic, doughy material, and bond it onto the tooth. Then they’ll use a light to cure the composite into a hard, tooth-like material, which is what’s going on in Bieber’s first photo. In some cases, people might opt to get veneers or a crown, but that’s not always necessary and dentists can make pretty convincing repairs.”


Still, these are costly and unnecessary expenses. So make sure that you don’t figure in any chipped tooth emergency.

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