What Do You Think of Celebrities as Wedding Crashers?

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Wedding crashers are some of the things that brides and grooms need to keep an eye out for as these uninvited guests may create some unnecessary stress. But, how do newlyweds react to celebrities as wedding crashers? We bet you’d be more than elated to welcome this famous celebrity who decides to make a cameo on the day you say “I do.”


Fortunately for brides and grooms to be, while these do not occur often, evidence exists that there are indeed celebrities who find themselves joining a wedding party, unintentionally. We’re sure no one in the guest list complained about these unexpected stars hogging the newlywed couple and the photographers on those memorable dates.


Here are some newlyweds who found themselves with celebrities as wedding crashers:


Taylor Swift

A New Jersey couple, who were huge fans of Taylor Swift, were given the best wedding gift by their favorite artist, thanks to the groom’s sister. Swift dropped by at their June 2016 nuptials. The artist played a few of her hits and posed for photos. It was truly an affair to remember.





On vacation in Portofino, Italy, with her husband Jay Z, Beyoncé wandered into an old church where a wedding was in progress. This fortunate circumstance wasn’t missed by the bride as she had an opportunity to take some lovely photographs with Queen Bey.



Tom Hanks

The Academy Award winner was jogging through Central Park, New York, when he came upon a couple who were taking their wedding photos. Hanks was happy to pose for pictures with the newlyweds.



Chris Hemsworth

Thor walked into a wedding, which meant the couple was checking off relationship goals with an Asgardian god upgrade. The newlyweds were taking photos in Byron Bay, where the actor was surfing. Thanks to their best man who noticed the actor and asked him to take a photo with the bride and groom. Hemsworth obliged, saying, “No worries.”



And with this post on his Instagram account, we can only say that Hemsworth is such a fan of photobombing people in love.


Hey guys get out of my shot @lukemun @aprilmun

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How about you? Wouldn’t you love to have your favorite celebrities as wedding crashers?

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