What Does it Take to Transform Mandy Moore into Rebecca Pearson?

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Apparently, it takes a lot to transform Mandy Moore into her character, Rebecca Pearson, for NBC’s This Is Us. Specifically, she spends four hours transforming into her career-revitalizing character and goes through a painstaking process of makeup and prosthetics.



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The 33-year-old actress has recently shared videos of her painstakingly rigorous transformation into the 66-year-old character.


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It Takes a Lot to Transform Mandy Moore!

She shares her beauty transformation in order to play a sexagenarian on screen with Allure,

“They do this technique, called ‘stretch and pull,’ where [my makeup artists] stretch out different parts of my face and my neck, and they’ll stretch it out and then they’ll stipple on the ager, which is almost like a tacky glue. We dry [the glue] with a hair-dryer, and then bunch the skin back up, which is what gives it that sort of crepe-y texture.

 They put actual prosthetic pieces on me — I have two on my jaw, one on my neck, two nasolabial folds, and I have six different pieces around my eyes and on my eyelids.

A lot of it is just like the painting, which the makeup artist does to paint everything in. I think they do such a remarkable job.

It sounds like a much easier process than what we go through. Maybe it wouldn’t read as well on camera.”



Once the face paint is done, the actress gets her hair done. According to Moore, her hair is wrapped up in a wig cap during the prosthetics session. Her hair is then taken down and styled. Her hands, neck, and chest are eventually given the same treatment as her face.


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Keeping it Natural, Otherwise

However, the four-hour transformation process from the makeup to the prosthetics does a number on Moore’s skin. She shares,

“My poor little skin. It wreaks havoc on my skin. When I’m not working, I try to not put my skin through the rigamarole. I try to counter it with less is more. I don’t wear makeup. I don’t do my hair. I just keep it as natural and as easy as possible. I let them breathe.”


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While it may be challenging to transform Mandy Moore into her much-loved TV character, having her career revitalized may be a sweet reward itself.

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