What You Need to Know About Grey Hairs

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It’s always interesting to find celebrities who keep it real and are not afraid to embrace signs of aging. Take for example, Kat Dennings, who recently posted a close-up picture of her first grey hairs on her Instagram account. This proud moment has made the 30-year-old actress more endearing to her over two million followers.



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All About Grey Hairs

Grey hairs, just like wrinkles, are visible signs of aging. The color is a combination of normally pigmented hairs peppered with white ones. Eventually, when melanin is no longer produced, the hair turns white. Typically, women begin to notice the appearance of grey hairs in their 30s. By the time they turn 50, most women would have salt and pepper hair, with more than 50% of their hairs turning grey.


According to Madeleine Preston, a trichologist, nutritional and hormonal factors as well as stress can affect hair color. But, Preston adds, the predisposition to go grey earlier or later in life is largely genetic. This means that if your parents went grey early, you will possibly do too.


Delay Onset of Greying Hairs


1. Improve hair health by eating protein-rich food.

“Hair consists of protein (keratin) so it is very important for strong healthy hair. Foods like eggs and fish are all good sources of first class protein. Proteins consist of amino acids (some essential and some non-essential). Essential amino acids are more abundant in animal protein and more easily absorbed. Deficiencies of iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, B12 and B6 can be common so it’s important to eat foods that contain these vitamins or, if you’re vegetarian, it may be necessary to take them in supplemental form.”


2. Make lifestyle changes too.

“Since hair is such a barometer of our health, any improvements we make to our general wellbeing will be a bonus for our hair. A well balanced diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates – which contain key essential vitamins and minerals – are great for hair growth. As hair is recognised as a non-essential tissue by the body we need to top up our energy levels with proteins and carbohydrates every 4-5 hours. Research indicates that the energy available to non-essential tissue such as hair follicles may be reduced after this time. As certain diseases can have an impact on the immune system and may possibly cause deficiencies it is wise to have blood tests at least once a year through your own GP or private practitioner.”


Taking care of your hair can have beneficial effects on your beauty and overall health. But, when the grey hairs appear, make sure you embrace these changes positively. Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who loves who she is and is proud of who she has become.

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