Would You Consider Crystal Therapy on Your Face for Skin Care?

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Have you heard that rubbing crystals on your face is the newest anti-aging trend? The technique is dubbed crystal therapy. Among those who encourage this skin care routine is the New York City-based facialist Georgia Louise Esk.


Rose Quartz Stone Skin Care Technique

Esk introduced the skin care routine that makes use of rose quartz stone. She recommends rubbing the rose quartz stone against your face at least once a week. She says this helps to contour the face and smooth fine lines and wrinkles dramatically. This skin care technique is designed to help with lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, and soothe the skin. There are also claims that applying rose quartz against their face helps to remedy acne and eczema.



Benefits of Crystal Therapy

Marie Reynolds, celebrated Wellness and Skin Health Expert in the UK, agrees with the benefits of crystals on one’s appearance, health, and well-being. She shares with Metro UK:


“Just as everything has an electromagnetic field, everything also has a vibration. Vibrations resonate at different speeds. As human beings we pick up vibrations as do essential oils and crystals.

The electromagnetic energy from a crystal can transmit to balance and energise the skin. They hold electrical charges within their structure, small minute charges that vibrate. Crystals are used for many holistic practices for their healing and energising benefits.”


Even if you disregard the Noetic theory, there are still some benefits to the crystal skin care therapy. For one, massaging the face will firm up the skin and improve the blood flow.


But if you are interested in harnessing the magical powers of rose quartz and other crystals, some things to consider including:

  • making sure that you are using a legit crystal (not some polished glass), and
  • choosing a crystal designed for the purposes of facial massage to avoid any rough edges that can cause damage to the skin.


Reynolds shares that rose quartz is an ’emotional healer’, and is recommended for reducing anxiety and stress in the skin. So if you’re actually thinking of rubbing crystals on your face or trying out any form of crystal therapy, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to avoid problems.

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