You Have to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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How long has it been since you last cleaned your boudoir? If you’re still trying to remember the date, then it’s probably due for a good scrubbing now. Remember that your tools are in contact with your skin, which is why it’s very important to clean your makeup brushes diligently.


Makeup brushes and sponges are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and dirt. When these get into contact with your skin, these can easily cause breakouts and skin irritations. Risks for contracting infections caused by parasites, viruses, and fungus also increase. This is why skin care experts insist on keeping these tools clean.


Cleaning these brushes and sponges is the most important thing you can do for your skin. Actually, any makeup tool can be contaminated. According Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist, “brushes used to apply concealer, eyeliner, lip color, and cream eye shadows or blush” are most specially at higher risks of contamination.


Kashuk also recommends washing brushes or tools that touch the eyes frequently and all other makeup tools weekly. Plus, if you have an eye infection or a cold sore, make sure to wash all of your tools and any beauty products that you used during that time should be thrown away.


How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

When you wash your brushes, it can do a number on your hands, which is why wearing brush mitts or makeup brush cleaning gloves are highly recommended. You can use the mitts with larger round nubs to wash face brushes, mitts with smaller textures for eye brushes, and the wavy section of the mitts to rinse.


The most popular way to give your makeup brushes a deep clean is by using brush shampoo or a solid cleanser. Just apply the product onto a damp brush, wipe it against your mitts several times until it produces a foam, and then rinse until the water runs clear.


Using a spray-on brush cleanser is the easiest way to clean your makeup brushes. While this may not give your tools a deep clean, it will quickly disinfect them so you can use them again without worrying about skin irritations.

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