You Might Be Missing These Spots When You Apply Sunscreen

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There is no debate on whether you should wear sun protection or not. However, another point that should be highlighted is the need to apply sunscreen appropriately so you don’t miss out on its benefits. According to a recent survey, many people tend to miss spots that can be potentially dangerous.


Researchers at the University of Liverpool found that even if majority of people apply the recommended amount of sunscreen on their skin every day, a good fraction of the population are doing it wrong.  The researchers found that their participants all miss the same spots when putting on sunscreen. And to make matters worse, these spots are the most prone to sun damage.


The Worst Spots to Miss

Apparently, people skip applying sunscreen around the eyes and mouth area, which is makes up about 10% of the face. This is probably because no one wants to get the product in their eyes because it burns. Neither are we fond of accidentally tasting these skin care products when we apply them near the mouth.


Unfortunately, these areas are where we tend to get wrinkles and fine lines first. This means that these spots need as much sun protection as they can get if you want to delay these signs of aging. Putting on sunscreen with a little more care on these spots can help save you costs spent on beauty products specifically meant to address these aging-related concerns.


Apply Sunscreen and Wear Sunglasses

But above these, the primary concern is the prevention of skin cancer by regularly and appropriately applying sunscreen. The researchers noted that about 5% to 10% of all skin cancers appear on the eyelids.


“Most people consider the point of sunglasses is to protect the eyes, specifically corneas, from UV damage, and to make it easier to see in bright sunlight. However, they do more than that — they protect the highly cancer-prone eyelid skin as well.” (Dr. Kevin Hamill)


So, get your beautiful face full protection from highly-preventable skin cancer. Apply sunscreen properly and sufficiently and get a good pair of protective sunglasses.

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